Foreign Direct Investment F.D.I

Foreign Direct Investment (FDI) Law allowing for 100% foreign ownership in a number of sectors though only as approved by the Council of Ministers.

These business activities include the following:

• Industries except for enterprises related to Oil or Gas exploration or production.

• Construction, operation and management of Infrastructure enterprises in the fields of water, power, drainage and communications.

• Banks, Investment Corporations and Foreign Exchange Companies which the Central Bank of Kuwait may agree to incorporate.

• Insurance companies which the Ministry of Commerce & Industry agrees to incorporate.

• Information Technologies and Software Development.

• Hospital and Medicines manufacturing.

• Land, sea and air transport.

• Tourism, hotels and entertainment.

• Culture, information and marketing except for issuance of newspapers and magazines and opening of publishing houses.

• Integrated housing projects and zone development except for real estate speculation.

• Real estate investment through foreign investor subscription to the Kuwaiti shareholding companies as per the provisions of law No. 20/2002.

The privileges that are offered to foreign investors:

· Total or partial exemption from other export and import restrictions.

· Allocation of land and real estate.

· Total or partial exemption from customs duties on import of specified terms such as equipment, machinery, spare parts, raw materials, semi manufactured goods, packaging materials etc.

· Tax exemptions for a maximum period of ten years.

· Benefits arising under double taxation treaties and encouragement and protection of investment.


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